product owner

Skills You Need to Be a Great Product Owner

A product owner plays a significant role in any scrum development and agile project responsible for value maximization, optimization, and backlog management. In an agile project, he or she owns the product plus ensures that the product must meet the user requirement and technical aspects. He communicates and collaborates with the team, which is a major activity in any agile project. A product owner makes the right choices by deciding what to develop and when to develop. He creates, prioritizes, and manages the backlog items daily. As part of his core responsibilities, a product owner is responsible for backlog management, goal and development management, and product vision. Read more..

serverless in front-end

Serverless in front-end cloud computing

There is a high increase of serverless applications these days to handle business logic. This is mainly a paradigm shift from manually having to deploy, update and scale the resources to use within an application to depending on third-party cloud service providers to handle most of the management of these resources. But why this trend has grown? Because for the best performance every organization wants to build a market fit application within a very short span of time. For this, their focus should be on delivering core applications instead of spending time on configurations, deployment, or testing-related activities. That is why it is essential that the business logic of the application must be handled in a serverless manner. Read more..

D programming

Some Facts on D programming language

Are you new to the term D programming? If you are a programmer then you may be aware of this general-purpose systems and applications programming language – D. This is a high-level language with which you can write high-performance code and interface that directly interacts with the operating system API’s and hardware. If you are about to write million line programs then D is ideal for that. The D programming language is easy to learn, contains many capabilities that aid the programmer, and also well suited to aggressive compiler optimization technology. Read more..

project management software

All you need to know about the Best Project Management Software

Project management software is used by project managers to manage projects. While simple projects may need only a checklist to reconcile the to-do list, a complex project requires proper planning, assigning tasks, setting deadlines, tracking progress and time. For these tasks use of modern tools are of high importance as they help to manage tasks. Interestingly, there are numerous project management software are available in the market and if you are new it can be hard for you to identify which one is beneficial and worth your time. Read more..

ai trends

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Trends for 2021

Whenever one talks about technology that is revolutionizing the world around you, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is always on the top of the list. In fact, as per the study conducted by IDC, the spending on AI technologies is expected to increase to $97.9 billion by 2023. While the world struggles with the Pandemic, AI technology is constantly growing. Why? You ask. Well, with organizations and companies operating from home, AI is evolving more every day to help them automate their day-to-day activity. Read more..

data lake

Why You Should Move Your Data Lake to the cloud

Cloud service providers like Microsoft, Amazon, Google have powerful features to fetch, store, manage and interpret digital data quickly and more efficiently at a minimum price. The businesses that are already using Hadoop by investing significant amounts of money tend to move data lakes to the cloud platform to collect different forms of data and to transfer data stored in Hadoop to cloud platforms over time. The start-up companies are directly moving into the cloud by collaborating with data service providers and opt-out of Hadoop entirely. Read more..

CI/CD pitfalls

What are the CI/CD pitfalls and ways to avoid them?

When one talks about DevOps, the possibility is unlimited. In fact, it is one of the broadest terms used in the field of software development. While it is easy to perform these activities but the chances of error while doing these is also huge. Especially when it comes to continuous integration and continuous delivery commonly abbreviated as CI/CD it is the most difficult step to learn. Let’s discuss what are the CI/CD pitfalls and ways to avoid them. Read more…

RAP as a service

What is RAP as a service

RAP as a Service is a distribution method that allows you to analyze the environment whenever and wherever you want. The data is gathered online, allowing you to keep your personal information private and complete the evaluation on your terms. We use cryptography to effectively secure the data when submitting data to the cloud and accessing results on our web platform. As a result of this, you will see the findings almost instantly. A Microsoft certified engineer will review the results, provide feedback and knowledge transfer, and work with your team and your Technical Account Manager (TAM) to develop a remediation strategy. Read more..

big data in healthcare

Big data in Healthcare

With the significant growth of the clinical sector, related technologies also got combined with the healthcare sector, which results in the massive growth of data. To handle, store, and analyze such massive amounts of data, big data techniques are being used in the healthcare sector. What are the applications and challenges associated with here? Read more..

product management software

Best Product management software for 2021

Organizations often need software to develop and improve business products efficiently and quickly. These are merely solutions but also enable product managers and their teams to generate new ideas on the finished products. Besides product managers and their teams, sales and marketing teams use this product management software to provide insights and transparency. Here is the list of 10 best product management software of the year! Read more..

infrastructure as code

Infrastructure as code to DevOps

A few years back, IT infrastructure means a big room occupied with several machines and wires and a dedicated team to manage those to provide server availability for business hours. But now the scenario has been changed, and thanks to DevOps and Cloud to make it possible. While cloud technology transformed the way the infrastructure is managed, DevOps changed the approach of development and deployment. DevOps has eliminated the need for full-time management of infrastructure or the need to configuring them for long hours. There comes the concept of Infrastructure as Code ( IAC) concept. Read more..

blockchain in logistics

Blockchain in the Logistics industry

For the past few years, Blockchain technology has turned into an emerging solution for the transportation and logistics industry that has addressed some major inefficiencies that the industry suffered for long. Logistics is regarded as one of the domains where blockchains are good fits for a series of reasons. Blockchain technology can address the challenges encountered by the logistics sector successfully and minimized or even eliminated them with sustainability. Read more..

hpc storage

HPC and Big data

The key metric for both production Big data and production HPC is common: time to value. The key technical aspect also holds a similar principle that keeps processors fed with data and avoids bottlenecks! Production HPC success is measured by time to value, where it is measured as overall job elapsed time. For this, you need to keep processors as busy as possible that can ultimately build up a balanced system. This, on the other hand, keeps system overhead to a minimum whereas provides low-latency interconnection with a just-in-time highly parallel data movement within the processors. Read more..

decentralized apps

What is Decentralized application or DApps?

Blockchain gained traction with the introduction of Bitcoin that comes with features like peer-to-peer technology and distributed storage ledger. These features are the building blocks of decentralized applications or DApps which are a new type of application. As the name suggests, decentralized applications are neither owned by a central authority nor can be shut down by anyone, which means it does not undergo downtime. They are open-source software that uses smart contracts for running transactions on a blockchain. Read more..

gap between data scientists and engineers

Bridging the gaps between data scientists and engineers

With the hype of Big data, different job roles have become a craze, and not to mention, data scientists and data engineers are two of them. To get value from Big data, you need both roles. However, only having a capable team of data scientists or data engineers on hand is not enough. To realize the actual business value, you have to make sure your engineers and data scientists work in concert with one another. But what are the gaps between data scientists and engineers so that you need to bridge the gap between the two? Read more…

programming language required for data data scientist

Must you have a programming language to become a Data scientist?

Do you want to be a data scientist but don’t have a programming background? It is not unnatural that you want to jump in your career or look for a more challenging role in your career. As a hot technology of today, data science or data analysis is the choice of many professionals. But if you are not from a programming background and deadened your spirit from becoming a data scientist, you will be happy to know that your fear is far from reality. Read more…

strategic trends for 2021

Top strategic trends for 2021 by Gartner

In October 2020, Gartner, Inc. announced its top nine strategic trends for 2021. In Gartner IT Symposium, analysts presented their findings virtually because it is pandemic this year. Interestingly, the findings show that many of them have been reshaped due to pandemics and health crises. Read more..

big data analysis techniques

10 Big data analysis techniques

Big data analytics is the specialized techniques and technologies used to process a large set of data. On-hand database tools are practically incompatible with processing such a large set of data. That’s where come big data analysis techniques that are useful to solve practical business data problems. Read more..