data security for small business

Data Security for small business

Data breaches are the pertinent threats that are continually crippling the businesses of today. The information which comes in the form of digital data in most cases can be anything. It could be employee information, customer data, passwords, etc. Unless the confidentiality of such vital information is protected appropriately, it adversely affects the business revenue and the brand image. Read more..

programming languages for android development

Top 5 programming languages for Android app development

There are tons of programming languages for Android app development. While some of these programming languages are used just for general-purpose coding, on the other hand, some others are for specific functions. Furthermore, when choosing the right programming language for game development on Android is undoubtedly a daunting task. Read more..

best scrum tools

Best Scrum Tools for Agile Project Management

Scrum methodology in Agile has gained tremendous popularity over the last decade. There are many scrum tools available in the market. Interestingly, no single tool can act perfectly in every aspect. Some heavily focus on backlog grooming, whereas some others come with advanced burndown reports or Kanban boards. Hence, the correct scrum tool needs to be selected for the best outcome based on the business type. Read more..

certifications for cybersecurity

Top Certifications for Cybersecurity

Companies often scramble to hire top cybersecurity talent or train the existing IT team with the required cybersecurity certification to resolve this issue. And there comes the demand for certifications for cybersecurity. This ongoing demand is also a huge opportunity for any IT professional to boost their cybersecurity certification career. Read more..

computer vision trends

Computer Vision trends in 2021

Computer vision is changing industries making smart lives more straightforward as well as fascinating. As a field, computer vision has got a lot of exposure and a good amount of investment worldwide. Keeping the growth prospects in mind, no doubt, advances or amalgamation of computer vision with different technologies will dominate the year 2021. Read more..

Important steps to perform UI UX design

UI UX design decides how the users’ perceptions and feelings are captured before the interface’s actual interaction. Also, it determines how the communication will go due to this interaction. Both these factors measure a lot to estimate the success of the company’s goal towards the product or service. Read more..

project management influencers

Top 20 Influencers in Project Management

Whether you are an aspiring project manager or working in the project management field, getting PM insights from several sources are essential. Not necessarily books or materials are the only sources to learn about project management. In the dominance of social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn work as great resources. Interestingly you can learn a lot from the most popular project management influencers through social media and their websites. Moreover, the real-life experiences of such top influencers in project management provide invaluable help regarding knowledge sharing. Read more..

kubernetes vs. docker

Kubernetes vs. Docker

Containerization has gained immense popularity these days as it provides a lot more advantages over traditional virtualization. In this context, Docker and Kubernetes have achieved significant attention in the industry for encapsulating applications in their self-contained environments. However, Kubernetes vs. Docker is the most hyped discussionInterestingly, Kubernetes vs. Docker is often seen as rivals, although they have their own pros and cons. Read more..

flutter development

Why you should go for Flutter development

As mobile app development has boomed rapidly, different mobile app development frameworks came into the picture at a different point in time. The latest craze is Flutter development, which has turned into a revolutionary framework for building engaging mobile apps. With Flutter, the possibilities are practically endless. Read more..

bitcoin mining software

Best Bitcoin mining software

Bitcoin Mining software is specialized tools that use computing power to mine Bitcoin. The Bitcoin mining software works in conjunction with Bitcoin mining hardware, which are specialized computers built to mine cryptocurrency. The software directs how you connect your hardware with your mining pool. So, if you’ve decided to get into Bitcoin mining, here are some of the best Bitcoin mining software you can get started with. Read more..

devops lifecycle

Overview of DevOps Lifecycle

The DevOps approach is emerging as the way to maintain the highest quality standards, and at the same time, with a faster time to market. As we expect to see more and more dynamic apps, no doubt, the future belongs to DevOps, keeping up with the fast-changing market demands and user requirements. Read more..

best ways to learn programming

8 Best ways to learn programming

A programmer’s job is one of the good pay-out jobs in the IT industry, and for some, it the coolest job to enjoy. Learning to code and mastering it can take years if you are a beginner. However, it is not an overnight journey. On the other hand, it is not that difficult with consistent dedication, patience, passion, and interest. Read more..

certifications for data scientists

Top 8 Certifications for data scientists

Data science is the hottest job in IT this time because data scientists are important to almost every company. Also, data science is a broad field. Certifications for data scientists provide one with proof of the qualities and knowledge he possesses. Simultaneously, certifications for data scientists help one hone niche skills required for a particular industry. Read more..

blockchain in agriculture

Blockchain in Agriculture

Blockchain in agriculture is a technology today that can re-engineer many existing agricultural processes, from tracing the food origin, tracking the customer demand, settling transactions to creating new marketplaces. The size of blockchain innovations in the agriculture market is expected to grow from an estimated $41.2 million in 2017 to nearly $430 million by 2023, representing an impressive 47.8% compound annual growth rate (CAGR). Read more..

certifications for IT professionals

What are the top certifications for IT professionals?

What will be the best way to establish and enhance your credibility as an IT professional so that you can face those that might come in your way? One of the ways is definitely is getting certified! Moreover, certifications for IT professionals are the most sought after in the interview process because certification is one of the proven ways to showcase your skill. They follow some rigorous exams and prerequisites, which essentially proves your real-world experience and in-depth knowledge. Read more..

b2b software

Top 10 B2B software for business

It’s no secret, B2B ROI is significantly better in the large majority of cases with a solid strategy in place. Not to mention, B2B software is the key driving force for this dramatic shift. The B2B software ranges from marketing automation to machine learning that offers businesses almost all sorts of solutions. Read more…

scaled agile framework

What is Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) in Agile?

Frameworks like SAFe provide a viable option that helps businesses effectively scale agile within organizations and achieve business goals. The framework promotes the knowledge that includes structured guidance on roles and responsibilities, planning and managing the work, and values to uphold. Read more..