certifications for IT professionals

What are the top certifications for IT professionals?

What will be the best way to establish and enhance your credibility as an IT professional so that you can face those that might come in your way? One of the ways is definitely is getting certified! Moreover, certifications for IT professionals are the most sought after in the interview process because certification is one of the proven ways to showcase your skill. They follow some rigorous exams and prerequisites, which essentially proves your real-world experience and in-depth knowledge. Read more..

b2b software

Top 10 B2B software for business

It’s no secret, B2B ROI is significantly better in the large majority of cases with a solid strategy in place. Not to mention, B2B software is the key driving force for this dramatic shift. The B2B software ranges from marketing automation to machine learning that offers businesses almost all sorts of solutions. Read more…

scaled agile framework

What is Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) in Agile?

Frameworks like SAFe provide a viable option that helps businesses effectively scale agile within organizations and achieve business goals. The framework promotes the knowledge that includes structured guidance on roles and responsibilities, planning and managing the work, and values to uphold. Read more..

agile certifications

Agile Certifications to Scale up your career

Agile has become a common practice among organizations. But the only practice is enough to survive in the software industry? Maybe benchmarking your knowledge is as vital as your hands-on experience and that’s where certifications matter a lot. Hence, different Agile certifications are available in the market to test IT professionals’ knowledge and competency. Read more..

Programming Languages for Blockchain

Programming Languages for Blockchain development

Blockchain is promising solutions in many use cases both in the enterprise or public blockchain space. This revolution is led by different developer communities and different programming languages for Blockchain development are used for that purpose. Applying any one of them, we can flourish the opportunity. Each of these languages has their own potential and can be used for building different forms of Blockchain and cryptocurrency-based solutions. Read more…

open-source devops tools

Top 10 Open-source DevOps tools

DevOps is not a limited area and spans a broad range of skills and tasks related to software development and IT operations. For this, a large number of open-source DevOps tools are available in the market. These tools can help effectively bridge the gap between development and production environments. Read more..

blockchain and ai

How Can AI be used in Blockchain

The capabilities of both Blockchain and AI enact upon and exploit data at a new level. Furthermore, the integration of AI and machine learning into Blockchain and vice versa help to enhance Blockchain’s architecture and also boost the potential of AI. Similarly, the Blockchain can make AI more understandable and coherent so that we can determine the reasons for decision making in machine learning. Read more…

software tools for technical writing

Software Tools for Technical Writing

When you are a technical writer you need to pen- down every technical detail to make an interesting and informative document. Besides, it should be free of grammatical mistakes and plagiarism free. Hence, to help technical writers there are many software tools for technical writing that help to generate top-notch documents. Read more!

cloud computing for small business

Cloud computing for Small business

Technology is critical in today’s environment and small businesses are spending more on it to perform better. Cloud technology has enabled newer SMBs to adopt advanced technology and practices earlier in their lives. Furthermore, cloud computing for small businesses have different uses than that is there for individual and larger companies. Read more..

open-source tools for artificial intelligence

Top 10 Open-source tools for Artificial Intelligence

The rapid advancement of artificial intelligence also inspired talent and resources to dedicate themselves to accelerating the growth of technologies. There come to the open-source tools for artificial intelligence which has widened the scope of various development and activities of artificial intelligence. Read more..

Industrial Internet of Things [updated]

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) allows the machine to machine (M2M) communication through smart sensors, actuators. In addition to that, the involvement of advanced Big data analytics radically transforms a dumb device into a source of real-time analytics. However, is Industrial internet of things same as IoT? What are the technicalities working behind? What are the core benefits, scopes, and challenges associated with it? Read more..

big data management

Big data management [updated]

Big data management is a crucial area which is essential when enterprise data stores are growing exponentially. This is a challenging area too because managing big data is increasingly a demanding area for organizations. Big data management essentially means putting the right technologies, policies, and people in place, so that from the data point of view it can ensure accuracy, quality, and security for those massive sets of data. Does that mean only management is the key concern for big data management? Read more..

Multi cloud computing

Multi cloud computing

Every cloud vendor has their own specific set of the offering of services in terms of security, geography, privacy, pricing model, functionality, etc. However, not every business have same requirements related to all services. Furthermore, there is rapid changes happening in the dynamic enterprise IT landscape due to which it is nearly impossible to predict which cloud is the best fit for the business needs. Multi cloud architecture empowers an organization to distribute the workloads across multiple cloud environments. This in return give them many benefits while mitigating risks associated with individual cloud environments. Read more..

big data trends

Top 10 Big data trends

The ongoing big data trends show that big data analytics will change the way businesses operate in different domains like finance, manufacturing, healthcare, and other industries. Furthermore, most experts agree that the ongoing big data trends will shift most of the organization from data-generating to data-powered by making use of business insights and actionable data. Read more…